Finding Your Way Out

Finding Your Way Out

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Talisa Beasley, LPC


  1. The "Gift" that keeps on giving....
    20 Nov, 2018
    The "Gift" that keeps on giving....
    In a season where so many are excited about sharing time with family over a meal or even exchanging gifts, there are still many who struggle with the idea of even dealing with the holidays. It is hard to see people looking happy on television or even social media when that may not be reflecting the feelings you are experiencing.  To many the holidays is just a reminder of sadness and relationships that are no longer present. Let's look at  3 ways that will put you back on the path to
  2. Getting Beyond the "F" Word....
    07 Nov, 2018
    Getting Beyond the "F" Word....
    Too many people struggle with the "F" word.  They trip over it. They wrestle with it. They even take it to bed with them and wake up with it every morning. If you haven't figured out what the "F" word is, it is FAILURE.  It is from this place that the famous blues singer, Billy Holliday, wrote the famous song ,"Good Morning Heartache." To be surrounded by disappointment sets the stage for failure to permanently park itself in your place.  It is even more dangerous when you begin to identify