Change Counseling

Creating your NEW story
by adding the ingredient of "Change"

Getting clarity about  the change that needs to occur
will cause your life to transform before your eyes.
Meet Talisa
​Understanding what it is like to fight to recapture your life from the jaws of anxiety and depression is something that Talisa Beasley, MA, LPC knows well. Talisa is known for her direct effect to helping individuals and couples destroy the barriers that threaten their happiness. Talisa is a popular and in-demand therapist with 10+ years experience in helping people come back from devestating setbacks to have the life they desire. It is through this process that solutions are quickly identified and the darkness begins to fade.

Don't allow another minute to pass being overcome by negativity. It is time to free yourself and live the life you were destined to live.  

Talisa promises to:

  • Connect with you to build a connection that will help you feel support throughout your counseling experience
  • Partner with you on zeroing-in on the pain source so that the path to solution is quickly identified 
  • Assist you on conquering challenges that can create issues
  • Celebrate with you on your victories

Here are some comments from those who have worked with Talisa:

Couple in Georgia:

When my then boyfriend and I walked through Talisa's door, we were on the verge of a break-up. We were engaged, with a future wedding date on the books, but had allowed the challenges of bringing together a blended family to pull us apart. We argued constantly  and healthy communication was non-existent. Our dreams seemed like they would never become a reality. Talisa  jumped right in and worked with us on getting the tools to repair our broken relationship. She helped us rebuild our foundation brick by brick. Thanks to Talisa, we were able to move past our differences and finally start thriving. We'll soon be celebrating our 1-year anniversary and are now living our happily-ever-after! 

Woman from Atlanta:

Talisa has an amazing and wonderful gift. Her warmth and open presence allowed me to trust her with all my insecurities and fears. Each week, through self observation and examination, vision work, and soul searching ,Talisa gently guided me and helped me break free from my depression and anxiety. I am now off living the life I dreamed about.

How We Help You
We offer an array of services that address the root of your pain.  Click on the links below to see what service better addresses your needs.
Individual Counseling

Individual Therapy is a unique process where a client and therapist work one-on-one to focus on problems or areas of growth.  Through the counseling process clients emerge into a healed state.

 Sessions are based on the individual's progress and the goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment while moving towards the goal.  

Group therapy is an amazing experience as a group of individuals work together on a common issue(s).  The beauty of this experience is realizing that you are not alone and you will feel a sense of support as you work toward the common goal of overcoming issues.

Group sessions are usually subject-focused that target a problem area that the participants are encountering. 

There are times where we can encounter difficult times in our relationships. I call them "hiccups." 

Couples Therapy (often referred to as Marriage Counseling) can be the very thing that helps you to find your way out of the problem. We work with couples to identify such issues like patterns of conflict, communication disconnects, and decrease of intimacy. 

Our focus is to help find resolution(s) that will improve the connection which will lead to rediscovering the beauty in your relationship.

Blog: The Confidence to Change
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    Getting Beyond the "F" Word....
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    Finding Your Way Out
    In the recent days, the world has been rocked by 2 celebrity suicides. People are reeling from the news and worry about the rising rates of suicide in our world. That would make sense as the thought of someone taking their life is gripping because it allows you to see how bad the feelings depression can really be. People are being encouraged to reach out to check on loved ones and friends and let them know that we will be there for them. But what about when you are the one having the thoughts of
Frequently Asked Questions

I have never had counseling before. What should I expect?

The initial session is called an Assessment. In this session the therapist and the client build a good rapport through examining the problem areas and the discussion is centered around the effects of the problem and efforts that have been used to alleviate the issue. Focus then moves to realistic creating goals that will bring maximum improvement that will help you to begin feeling better sooner.

What is the difference between "counseling" and "coaching"?

Counseling is a service provided by a licensed professional who is trained to work with clients who are struggling with disorders such as depression, anxiety, grief, post-traumatic disorder, anger issues, and many others. The client works to explore the source of the problem by examining past experiences and feelings that may have developed as a result of the experience. The focus on counseling is to work towards resolving and stabilizing feelings and thoughts which produces healthy long-term mental health and an increase in confidence to handling life.

Coaching is focused primarily focused on the future without the exploration of the "root" of what may have caused the problem. Many coaches help their clients to develop goals that will increase strength and capacity to embrace opportunity. Coaching provides accountability and support to increase skills that will embrace future goals.

What are the benefits of talking to a therapist vs talking to a good friend?

When talking to a friend, most tend to initially feel better. However, the feeling often dissipates and the problematic feelings return. When talking with a therapist, a client will have the support of someone trained to address the problem area and and will help you develop a solution for change.

Friends tend to offer solutions that are based on their feelings about their friendship with you. With a therapist, a client will receive non-biased feedback that is not based on feelings but feedback that is based on facts.

The therapist seeks to develop a contractual relationship with the client that is supportive and is based on helping the client move towards solution and truth. This frees the client to be open about feelings without having the worry of disrupting a good friendship.

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